In the LongRun

December 8, 2011

An actor in a long run has this problem, it all gets so boring, so much the same, that there is no energy, no life, no feeling, like siting in luke warm water, where there is nothing felt. It’s all going through the motions.

And so I’m thinking that life can be like that … It’s all the same, we’re in for a long run. Doing exactly the same thing day in day out. Where you feel dead inside, just going through the motions … Ever been there?

So anyway, actors in a long run, have to find a way to make every performance count, as if done for the very first time, so that the performance becomes exciting, full of flavor, and worth while.

To do this, they go to acting coaches, who teach them stuff that refreshes them in strange and wonderful ways.

Maybe some of those explorations would help us in “real life”.

I’m thinking of different kinds of focus’s. Like paying close attention to peoples minute movements, or tiny sounds, or smells normally unobserved. Perhaps there are Rhythms in peoples voices to listen for.

Another thing might be to become supersensitive so as to pick up on any intuitional hunches about the person and circumstances.

How about seeing colour in greater detail and vibrancy. I guess that in order to bring a freshness to daily living, you have to change some element in your perception.

An actor might play with different back stories, and underlying emotions, and see how things play out on stage.

You could imagine being slightly drunk, or doped out, or in love, or devastated, or in celebration of the big win … And then go and do your day.

I like to pump up feelings of happiness and delight, then go to work. Some can use gratitude, others use the power of now.

The point is that daily life is far richer than we think. We have become blind and numb to what’s there. Having seen and felt the same things over and over, These things tend to become the only things we see. A bit like seeing in shades of grey, when all around us, is all this colour,… in the long run.

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